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Shane Cook

& The Woodchippers


Be Here For A While

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Oct 15, 2021


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     A Canadian and U.S. National fiddle champion, Shane Cook is a multi-instrumentalist who has distinguished himself as a master of the Canadian old-time fiddle tradition. As a four-member group of multi-instrumentalists, singers and step dancers, Shane Cook & The Woodchippers deliver performances that are an exciting mix of dynamic musicianship, high energy and engaging stage presence. Their superbly crafted arrangements are a modern and exhilarating approach to fiddle tunes and dance. 
     Many of the group’s fiddle tunes, songs and dances have roots tracing back to the lumber camps of Ontario as well as Ireland, Scotland, Quebec and the American South.  Each band member also contributes their own compositions and songs, blending folk, roots, country, contemporary and jazz styles. Without fail, their Ottawa Valley style step dancing always electrifies. 
     Joining Shane as The Woodchippers are: Joe Philips (Jayme Stone’s Folklife) on double bass, guitar and vocals, Emily Flack (Leahy) on piano, vocals and dance and Kyle Waymouth (5-time Canadian National Step Dance Champion) on guitar, tenor banjo, and dance.


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"Shane offers up death-defying, acrobatic fiddle precision, soaring through tunes from his beloved Ontario with impeccable clarity."

- Claire Lynch, Multiple Grammy Nominee

"...takes the spirit of traditional music from Canada’s past into 2017 and beyond.

- The London Free Press

Shane Cook & The Woodchippers ~ Sally Goodin,

CeltFest Almonte, 2019

Shane Cook & The Woodchippers ~ Wooden Whale Medley,

CeltFest Almonte, 2019

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Sally Goodin - Shane Cook & The Woodchippers
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